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Knight Tales Land of Bitterness v1.0

Role playing games are a strange affair on mobile. You either get extensive, innovative games like the quest for alliance series, or stupidly structured absolute flops- of which there are too many to name. The latter type of RPG becomes a complete disappointment because it is doomed to failure from the word go- there’s usually a truckload of sponsoring going into it, while developers, in the words of John Carmack, try to “shoehorn” console elements onto the project. The result is a flawed, unplayable but good looking game which is not all it seems at first glance. The former type of RPG is usually low-budget, but is still very much enjoyable, like the mystic islands series. There’s rarely been a mixture of good graphics and good gameplay on a mobile RPG. There is, however, a good attempt in the form of Devalley’s Knight Tales: Land of Bitterness.
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