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Gameboy Emulator with 89 games Roms

This newly tricked out free GBA emulator outpaces its predecessor by a wide margin. It took some tweaking to get some GBA ROMs performing at peak efficiency. Once I got past the hurdle, they ran at blistering rates with my unit's added 2700g processing punch. Most roms handled by PocketGBA boogied at anywhere from a playable 17 frames per second to a smooth 35 fps after tweaking ad nauseum. A lot of the newer GBA roms show a marked progression in quality as the code was seemingly optimized over time. Trying some Ultimate Spiderman with my Dell Axim x51v resulted in some fluid webslinging animation that really has to be seen to be believed. PocketGBA v060723 among the free GBA emulator downloads should prove to be a crowd pleaser, especially for the Dell Axim x51v masses. It's strange to note that WM5 users experienced a long period where they jonesed after incompatible emulators developed for WM 2003 based units. A PocketGBA update for Windows Mobile 5 devices means that you don't have to be left out in the cold, all while using Intel 2700g hardware acceleration if available on your PDA. If you're also looking to harness all that hardware acceleration with Gameboy Advance titles, PocketGBA may just be the fiery complement to your unit's Intel 2700g capabilities.
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