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Spb Time v2.15

After installation of Spb Time today plug-in with 4 predefined cities is activated. An applet is a graphical component which can be added to the Spb Pocket Plus Today plug-in as an individual item. As result you can easily add an analog or digital clock to any of Spb Pocket Plus tabs. User can select a view of the clock, change skins, track time in multiple cities and quickly launch Spb Time. It is possible to add several applets and configure them independently. In time of alarm user will hear the sound and see Alarm pop-up dialog. Two big colored in red and green buttons will appear for Dismiss and Snooze options. On WM 5.0 devices Dimiss and Snooze is also mapped to softkeys. A user can easily switch screens by finger tap on Spb Time toolbar. In Analog and Digital clock modes a user can easily switch the full screen mode on or off by tapping any point of the clock screen. The options button is designed to be tapped by stylus.
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