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3D Mini Kayak v1.1

Mini-Kayak is a casual style whitewater kayaking game featuring both energetic kayaking and exciting wild life discovering. This game allows you to escape from stress and bustle, and fully immerse youself into serene yet vivid natural environment. Paddling along the gurgling stream, listening the rhythmical birds" twittering, searching the mysterious wild life, and catching every valuable sight, you can have a deep mind clearing and relaxing. Explore the spectacular natural scenery on your ppc! There are 6 natural trails ranging from splendid Golden Autumn to freezing Snowfield, from gorgeous Grand Canyon to craggy Karst Channel for you to explore. Support Windows Mobile 5.0, 6.0 Support Landscape and Square Screen Display More than thirty kinds of wild animals are hidden in scenic trails for you to discover - get your camera ready!! Believable Physics and Dynamics Simulation - Floating on turbulent stream, bumping with bank, drifting down the valley... all of these are elaborately simulated in the game.
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