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Winmobile Torrent v1.3.11

WinMobile Torrent is an advanced yet easy-to-use BitTorrent client for Windows Mobile Pocket PC OS. It allows you to create, leech and/or seed torrent files from within the Application. It supports multiple and simultaneous download of torrents with numerous functions to manage, control downloads and peers in a user-friendly interface. WinMobile Torrent is the first BitTorrent client for Windows Mobile Pocket PC that brings all the cool things to you, wherever, whatever and whenever you want them. The capability is unlimited. WinMobile Torrent version 2.1 sports many new features and enhancements making it a very worthwhile upgrade. Among the new features added are: selective download that enables you to download certain files within a group of files; multiple trackers support; intuitive multi-tabs user interface with one-handed navigation using WM 5.0’s softkeys and navigational hardware keys; create, leech and seed torrent now can be accomplished with ease within the application; redesigned core module that provides faster and more effective performance; wizard screen for torrent creation, speed guide setup dialog and many more.
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