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Vito Navigator v2.29

Vito are well known in the Pocket PC arena for small applications that help you get around the day to day usage of your Pocket PC and enhancing the overall experience, but Vito have also created several good utilities for GPS use. Vito have two specific products, SmartMap which is a moving map product, and Navigator which is more of a compass and GPS extras utility both of which we're reviewing in this review. Vito Navigator is basically a GPS utility. It works both in NMEA and SiRF and gives you enhanced information about your current position. Navigator has a Satellite Constellation Map (Sky View), which is something you tend to see on most GPS Applications in one form or another but does show you both the current positions of the satellites in the sky, and also signal strengths for each satellite along with the current altitude, date, and longitude and latitude co-ordinates. Navigator also has a tracking facility screen which will allow you to create waypoints with already known co-ordinates, these can be set before your trip or whilst your travelling (recording your current position). A name and icon can be assigned to each waypoint to make it easy to track these. Navigator's waypoint editor will allow you to add, edit and scroll saved waypoints for ease. You will also see a compass screen which will show the direction you are travelling in, this is customisable and allows you to either set the compass point to the to the next waypoint, or to the final destination waypoint. This screen also gives you an estimated time of arrival judged by your current speed and distance covered.
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